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4 weird human-shaped plants

815 views / published on 18 Jun 2013

Human-like fleece-flower root

Location: Guangxi Province, China

After some digging on a hill, a villager named Zhong suddenly found a human-like plant. About 60cm long and tipping the scale at around 3kg, the root had human features, such as a nose, eyes, limbs and quite obviously, a male genitalia as well as open hands that seemed ready for a hug.

When words spread that a “human” had been discovered, villagers from nearby areas flocked to the scene. Some believed the humanoid plant was a fleece-flower root. A villager surnamed Ye said, the root was not valuable at all because someone was cultivating the plant in a human-shaped mold. (Note: Fleece-flower root or polygoni multiflori (scientific name) is one of four legendary medicines in ancient China. It is known to promote hair growth.)

Zhong who found the human-like plant hopes that experts can help identify the unique plant

Carrot that looks like baby foot

Location: Saitama Prefecture, Japan

In his spare time, a 68-year-old man would grow vegetables in his garden. One day when he harvested the carrots, he found one that took a very unique shape. Measuring 15cm long, 10cm wide and 5cm thick, the vegetable looked like a baby foot.

The discovery turned into a hot topic of discussion in the neighbourhood. Many people came visiting just to snap photos of it. Later, the old man carefully packed the root vegetable using a special bag before storing it in a fridge.

This foot-shaped carrot has attracted a lot of people from a neighbourhood in Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Carrot takes the shape of right human hand

Location: Essex, Britain

While working in her garden, Dianne Neal was surprised to dig up a carrot that resembled a right human hand. Complete with five fingers, it also had an outward pointing thumb and a circular palm.

Even though Neal had not seen a hand-shaped carrot before her discovery, she joked that the special shape would not prevent the root vegetable from being cooked.

The carrot was not a special cultivar. Rock soil was the reason it took up the strange shape. Though it was rare to come across this unique carrot, it was not the first human-like root vegetable found in Britain. In 2009, Peter Jackson from Shropshire found an almost identical carrot in his garden. He promptly cooked it and served it to his amazed daughter Lindsay.

The “hand-like” carrot grown by Neal.

Tree resembles lower human body in half squatting position

Location: Hunan Province, China

Personnel from the Forestry Department found a strange tree when they were conducting a tree census. The tree seemed to have a pair of legs and bare buttocks. When looking from a distance, it appeared like a person with pants removed and in a half squatting position.

The tree measured more than 40cm in diameter, with the trunk splitting into two at the 1.6 meter mark. Some people joked that it was carefully trimmed into a human shape while others questioned “whether it could walk”.

This strange tree that takes the shape of a lower human body was found by personnel who conducted a tree census.

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